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The BLACK VEILS are being evolved and expanded for the future into new book coming out October 1st 2017 in private and public editions entitled: Black Veils "The Vampire Lexicon."

The public edition will be a revised edition of the Red Veils "The Vampyre Virtues" with over 100 Black Veils which are the traditions, culture and philosophy of the Sabretooth Clan. The private edition will be available only to active Sabretooth Clan members and available in a leather bound and hardcover edition of over 300+ Veils.

The Black Veils are the lexicon of terms within the Sabretooth Clan with each Veil being word of power inspired by vampire mythos, legends and the culture that evolved within the Sabretooth Clan.

The first edition of the Black Veils were originally written in late 1996 by Father Sebastiaan as the code of conduct for the Sabretooth Clan and New York's night club the Long Black Veil. It was designed to be an alternative to individuals using Vampire: the Masquerade roleplaying rules within the vampire lifestyle. These original Black Veils were based on a mix of the fetish scene’s codes of conduct from the Eulenspiegel Society (TES) and the elegance of Renaissance Faire etiquette, as well as containing elements of chivalry and romantic overtones.

Over the years many editions and manifestations of the Black Veils have been presented. Here we present a complete, never before revealed edition. We are pleased to announce the forward will be written by international author Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

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Public edition cover available on and on October 1st 2017. This is an expanded, revised and updated edition of the Red Veils: The Vampyre Virtues. Softcover: $13.00, Kindle: $6.66 and hardcover: $45.00 + S&H.

Special "Secret Edition" leather cover by Airship Isabella available October 1st 2017 exclusively for active members of the Sabretooth Clan. Initially limited to 666 copies. Price: $123.00 USD. Will include a ritual candle and special edition Legacy Vampire Ankh pendant.
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