Scrolls of Elorath 7 - Vampyre Ritual


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When most people think of Vampyre rituals, they often imagine some kind of dark ceremony, when in fact almost every set of actions performed for its symbolic value is a ritual. Celebrating birthdays, a morning ritual, Christmas, or a major holiday is also a ritual. These rituals reflect the traditions of a community or culture. Vampyres are into rituals; the act of getting fangs is a Rite of Passage for many in the Vampyre community to symbolize their involvement in the Culture.

Many times, those observing a ritual who are unfamiliar with to the affiliated traditions will not understand what is going on, as they are not educated about the ceremony. However, examples such as voodoo rituals are popular in New Orleans or First Nations (Native American) rituals on reservations. The projection of the ritual seems to be mystical and enlightening to the observer. While the initiates know the purpose and course of the rite, they are thus being involved from an educated view. Handshakes, rites of passage, oaths of allegiance, coronations of Kings or Queens, Christmas shopping, Halloween parties, dance recitals, sporting events, high school proms, graduations, marriages, funerals, veterans’ parades and even the 4th of July are all rituals for a community.

Within the Vampyre subculture there are many rituals beyond going through the Rite of Passage such as obtaining a pair of fangs from a fangsmith. With the Black Veils there is the Red Mass (the basic form of the Sanguine Mass presented here), which ceremonially projects the symbolism of the Black Veils in a theatrical and psycho-dramatic format of ceremonial magick.

The Red Mass – Vampyre Mass Ceremonial High Magick

The Red Mass is a ceremonial, ritualized Vampyre Communion of the Vampyre Current. Most often, this is a rite undertaken by a group. The Red Mass is a theatrical ritual (High Magick) that requires a series of psychological tools to aid participants’ focus and work energy. The Red Mass involves elements similar to Hermetic, Pagan, ancient mysteries, ceremonial magick, and even modern Judeo-Christian rituals. Group rituals should be presided over by at least one a well-trained Vampyre Adeptus or priest/ess. This rite comes in a multitude of scripts and templates in secret books of the Black Veils.

Blood & Roses – A Vampyre Handfasting

Vampyre Handfasting within the Black Veils is also known as “Blood and Roses.” This is usually presided by an ordained Vampyre Priest or Elder. Traditionally, the first steps of the Vampyre marriage are not legally binding. Vampyres are encouraged to have two weddings: a Dayside wedding and a Nightside wedding. This is similar to the old Northern European tradition of handfasting, now practiced commonly in the neo-pagan world, which is an old form of Celtic marriage. Literally, the term means “to make a contract of marriage.” In Old Norse, it means to “make a bargain with the hands.”

1ST RINGS is akin to a typical “engagement” and lasts a year and one a day, which can either be renewed, allowed to expire or the couple can move to the second ring.
2ND RINGS is traditionally a legal marriage that lasts seven years, and like the First Rings, it can expire, evolve or be renewed.
3RD RINGS is a marriage bond to last for eternity and beyond death. Metaphysically, the souls are bound together to meet again in the next life.

Requiem Rising – A Vampyre Funeral Rite

A Requiem Rising within the Black Veils is a ceremonial celebration of the life of a Vampyre or Black Swan who is no longer in the Mortal Coil. Basically, it is a Vampyre funeral or memorial that is also a soiree wherein the Risen (deceased) is invited to attend with friends, associates, and loved ones. The term Requiem hails from the Catholic Requiem Mass, which is Missa pro defunctis or Mass of the dead Missa defunctorum.