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Here is a brief chronology of the Vampyre / vampire history. S.Y. stands for Sanguine Year. This can be found in print in the Black Veils: Master Vampyre Edition 888 available from


The Baital Pachisi, the collection of 25 fables surrounding Vikram the Vampire, is written in Sanskrit by the scholar Bhavbhuti.


The first recorded appearance of the word “ìupir” in writing referring to the Russian prince as ‘Upir Lichy,’ or the ‘wicked vampire.’


The “Chronicles” written by William of Newburgh, records several vampire-like revenants in England.


Vlad Dracula “Vlad the Impaler” is born.


Vlad Dracula “Vlad the Impaler” is assassinated.


The Malleus Maleficarium by Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger is pub-lished. It becomes known as the Witch Hunter’s Bible and discusses how to hunt and destroy vampires.


Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Bathory is born.


Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Bathory is tried for murdering several hundred young women and sentenced to life-imprisonment.


Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Bathory dies.


Graecorum Opinationibus is written by Greek cleric Leo Allatius, detailing the of the vrykolakas; the vampires of Greece.


The Vampyre, a short novelette is written and published by John William Polidori. The Vampyre is inspired by Lord Byron as Polidori was his personl physician and the book was conceived at the same party when Mary Shelley began Frankenstein.


Carmilla by Joseph Sheriden Le Fanu is published.


Bram Stoker’s Dracula is published in London.


Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, directed by F. W. Murnau is released in Germany. This was an unauthorized film adaption of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This is the first depiction of the death of a vampire by direct sunlight.


Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defense written is published in London. It con-tains defense techniques against psychic and astral vampires.


The Universal Studios film Dracula is released on Valentine’s Day, staring Bela Lugosi. This film was the first official adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel
and would be instrumental in creating many of the clichés that are associated with Vampires to this day.


Dark Shadows the daily television Gothic soap opera featuring the vampire Barnabas Collins first airs (although he was not introduced until 1967).This is one of the early depictions of a sympathetic vampire who is not strictly a villain. The show airs until 1971.


The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey is published with an article “Not All Vampires Drink Blood,” warning about emotional psychic vampirism. The book becomes an instant best seller, outselling the Christian Bible in some cases.


Sean Manchester establishes The Vampire Research Society in the UK. In Search of Dracula by Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu is published. Stephan Kaplan establishes The Vampire Research Center in the UK. “The Highgate Vampire” incident occurs in London, spawning a massive hunt. Reports of a real vampire in the Highgate cemetery are reported.


The Temple of Set (ToS) is formed in July of this year from former members of the Church of Satan. It is what will eventually form the Order of the Vampyre (OOV.)


Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire is published, igniting a massive interest in people wanting to be vampires.


Martin V Riccardo founds the Vampire Studies group which publishes The Vampire Journal.


The Temple of Set (TOS) officially establishes the Order of the Vampyre (OOV) as a subgroup, being one of the first organizations to bring vampires out of fiction. The OOV’s goal is to harness the archetype of the vampire for personal empowerment and occult practices.


Anne Rice’s book The Vampire Lestat is published and goes to the best seller list.

The original Fright Night film is released.


The film Near Dark, directed by Kathryn Bigelow is released. Another influ-ence on vampire culture.

The film The Lost Boys is released, directed by Joel Schumacher. It remains very influential on rock and roll vampire imagery.


The Temple of the Vampire (TOV) officially establishes itself as the first legally registered vampire church in the USA and the Vampire Bible
is released.

Norine Dresser’s book American Vampires: Fans, Victims and Practitioners is published, detailing real life vampires.


Sebastiaan’s mother, “Lady N” tells him Tom Cruise is cast as a vampire named “Lestat” and introduces him to Anne Rice’s book, Interview with the Vampire.

Vampire: The Masquerade first edition is published by White Wolf Publishing. It wins the 1992 Origins award for best RPG and goes onto
a wild success in multiple categories of entertainment including but not limited to TCGs, novels, video games, LARPs an TV. This game is inspired by The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.


Whilst attending a medieval live roleplaying game named Xanadra, one of the other players tells Sebastiaan of a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP happening in Harrisburg, PA hosted by Night Owl Games.

Francis Ford Coppola’s movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula opens.

Anne Rice’s Tale of a Body Thief is published.


Father Sebastiaan after getting involved in the Vampire: The Masquerade community (LARP), on November 8thin NJ he gets his first pair of fangs with his lady Dawn in preparation for his high school prom.

Father is presented a Xeroxed copy of the Vampire Bible at the NY Renfaire by “Dimitri” an active member of the group upon turning 18.

Elsewhere in the Vampire World:
- Vampire: The Masquerade roleplay is widely popular.


Whilst working at Wild Pair shoes in Bridgewater Commons Mall in NJ, Father meets a club promoter from Limelight who sees his fangs and invites him to help run guest lists. Limelight is the hottest club in NYC at the time. Sebastiaan meets a prosthodontist (dental surgeon) who offers to teach him the art of fangsmithing, and he apprentices for 18 months. These two elements combined together create what will become the Sabretooth (fangs) and Endless Night (events) branches of his business.

On Christmas Day 1994 he makes Lady N. (his birth mother) his first pair of fangs.

November - Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles opens with Tom Cruise as Lestat and Brad Pitt as Louis.

Steven Lessing establishes the Vampire Access Line (VAL) for the vampire community in NYC.

Dr. J. Gordon Melton publishes the first edition of The Vampire Book, a major listing of facts of myths, legends and includes details on the vam-pire community.

1995 - S.Y. 1 - Year of Awakenings - THIS BEGINS THE SANG CHRONOLOGY

Working at Limelight at night making fangs Sebastiaan begins his first job making fangs during the day at Andromeda Body Piercing on Saint Marks Place in NYC. Here he expands to working at Halloween Adventure on 4th Avenue NYC during the Halloween season.

August 7th while involved in the “Rennie” community at the New York Renaissance Faire he decides upon the name Sabretooth for his fang business over the “Dark Tooth Fairy.”

August 17th shortly after founding Sabretooth Sebastiaan meets Victor Magnus at Abracadabra magic shop in Greenwich Village.

Thursday August 17th there is an encounter which changes the Vampyre Current and Culture forever.

That Halloween, at the invite of one of his fang clients Father Sebastiaan attends the legendary Memnoch Ball in New Orleans coordinated by Anne Rice and her fanclub the ARVLFC (Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club.) This ball was sold out and invite only, over 5000 guests including Kirsten Dunst at Saint Elizabeth’s orphanage in the Garden District.

This immediately inspired the creation of the New York Vampyre Ball, which would evolve into the Endless Night events.

1996 - S.Y. 2 - Year of Foundations

On January 28th at the Bank nightclub Sebastiaan hosts the first New York Vampyre Ball at the Bank nightclub with Empire Hideous, Voltaire and
DJ Erebus (Ian Fford). Over 350 guests attended and it is the bridging event between ‘old school’ and “new school” elements of the New York Vampyre Community.

July 16th reporter Suzan Walsh disappears investigating Vampyre covens of the East Village, which brings a massive media attention to the NYC Vampyre community. Sebastiaan is in the center of this media response because of his fang and event business.

Tuesday July 28th club mogul Peter Gatien rents Sabretooth the Limelight for the Vampyre Ball III, the entire club for what to this day is the largest Vampyre ball to date with 2400 guests. Limelight finally closes from the fallout of pressure from the court case over murderer and drug dealer Michael Alig (see the movie Party Monster for this story).

August of this year Sebastiaan is invited by Empress Chi Chi Valenti to host the party “Long Black Veil & the Vampyre Lounge” to open the following year at the newly opening MOTHER nightclub.

At the Royal Amusements event hosted by latex designer “The Baroness,” Sebastiaan meets metal worker PN D’Drennan. They discuss the creation of the now legendary Legacy Ankh. The Vampire Ball events continue at the Bank the week before Halloween.

Voila Johnston’s book Dhampir: Childe of the Blood is published.

Jeff Guinn’s Something in the Blood is published.

Konstantinos’s book Vampires: The Occult Truth is published.

Vampires appear on the Ricki Lake show.

April 2, Kindred the Embraced airs on FOX, a TV show produced by Aaron Spelling and inspired by Vampire: The Masquerade.

1997 - S.Y. 3 - Year of the Black Veils

Long Black Veil (LBV) On Wednesday March 12th the Vampyre event opens at MOTHER in the seedy Meat Packing district. Within this night the Sabretooth Clan would be formally established.

In July, Master Metal Manipulator D’Drennan delivers Father Sebastiaan the final version of the Legacy Ankh in a wooden coffin. He presents the ankh to writer Raymond T McNally at the Dracula 97: A Centennial Celebration in Los Angeles for his blessings.

In August the Sabretooth Emporium opens at the Halloween Adventure at 104 4th Avenue. It is the world’s first full-time fangshop.

On Halloween Sebastiaan attends the Anne Rice Coven Ball in New Orleans. Seeing this one-night event, he decides New Orleans needs a full weekend of events. He begins planning the Endless Night Festival.

Sebastiaan writes the original Black Veils, the code of conduct for the Long Black Veil night at MOTHER.

Joss Whedon’s series Buffy the Vampire Slayer debuts on TV.

Mick Mercer’s book The Hex Files: A Gothic Bible is published.

Many Vampyre lifestyle websites launch the online Vampyre commu-nity (OVC).

1998 - S.Y. 4 - Year of the Endless Night

TV appearances on MTV and CNN and appearances in Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, Time Out New York, and InStyle establish a worldwide reputation for Father Sebastiaan and Sabretooth fangs.

People flock from around the world to visit the Sabretooth Emporium at the Halloween Adventure and attend Vampyre Ball and LBV events in New York. The VC in NYC gains world recognition. This summer Sebastiaan invites Anne Rice biographer Katherine Ramsland to host a night at LBV. They begin collaborating on Vampyre Magazine and he writes the first Vampyre Almanac 1997-8 Edition. Hot Topic with a small supplemental ankh, sells 20,000 copies in six weeks, and puts Sabretooth Clan and Endless Night on the map.

September 23rd Katherine Ramsland’s book Piercing the Darkness releases. It follows the footsteps of Suzan Walsh’s disappearance. Featuring many in the Sabretooth Clan and the New York Vampyre Ball, it helps solidify Sabretooth into history.

This Halloween is the first Endless Night Festival I in New Orleans at the Omni Royal Hotel. 600 guests from around the world attend this weekend long event. The first New Orleans Vampire Ball was held with Empress Chi Chi Valenti and Poppy Z. Brite as a special secret guest. Inkubus Sukkubus a pagan Vampyre band from the UK headlines. The concept of the first Endless Night is to create complimentary events since the Anne Rice Coven Ball was only one night.

Joss Whedon’s series Buffy the Vampire Slayer is becoming a smash hit.

Blade the movie is released bringing attention to the concept of vampire clans and a community within and without the VC.

Anne Rice’s books Pandora and The Vampire Armand are published.

1999 - S.Y. 5 - Year of Gotham Halo

The Sabretooth Clan is now world renowned and the VC in NYC a full time, in person community with Long Black Veil now weekly at the center of the East Coast VC.

With the rise of the internet and AOL going flat rate per month the Vampyre scene begins to evolve rapidly and many terms from Sabretooth Clan spread throughout the internet.

The Endless Night moves back to NYC from New Orleans due to an opportunity to be held on Halloween Night at MOTHER.

Anne Rice’s book Vittorio the Vampire is published.

House Kheperu announces itself to the world online.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer brings more mainstream attention to vam-
pire culture.

2000 - S.Y. 6 - Year of Transformations

With the gentrification Meat Packing District on MOTHER’s Day, Chi Chi Valenti announces MOTHER will close in June. The last LBV is held on
Thursday June 15th and the club closes a week later to many of the alternative community’s disappointment. An era ended but LBV moved on to another club right away at True on 23rd St.

Sebastiaan sells the Sabretooth Emporium at the Halloween Adventure Shop to Lestat, one of the LBV DJs who renames it: Transformatorium.

On Halloween weekend Endless Night returns to New Orleans and is held at the House of Blues with the Cruxshadows performing.

At this time Sebastiaan is the webmaster for and the dungeon Pandora’s Box in Chelsea. He creates Sanguinarium pub-lishing and publishes the Vampyre Almanac 2000, a full color book.

2001- S.Y. 7 - Year of the Phoenix

Long Black Veil continues at True on 23rd St. in NYC and it gains in popularity. Many other promoters from MOTHER move their events and True becomes the center point of the alternative community in NYC. Empress Chi Chi and Johnny Dynell of MOTHER reopens a sister club “Daddy” on 1st Avenue. Sadly, it is short lived and closes quickly as the disasters of 9-11 change the soul of NYC forever.

Endless Night still goes on in New Orleans, even with a short attendance at the Conti Muse Wax Museum.

The New York Vampire Ball “Anti-Valentine’s Day” takes a break to found and establish the Court of Lazarus on Valentine’s Day weekend at Jekyll & Hyde’s in Greenwich village.

2002 - S.Y. 8 - Year of Horizons

The Endless Night in New Orleans moves to the beautiful Gallier Hall on Halloween weekend. With a magnificent group of people, it is highly successful.

With NYC nightlife and the VC in shambles from 9-11, Sebastiaan relocates to Germany however soon finds friends in Amsterdam and resides there until January 2005.

2003 - S.Y. 9 - Year of a Second Age

Traveling around Europe, Sebastiaan begins rebuilding the Sabretooth Clan again in his original vision. Germany is not receptive to VC in his vision, yet the Netherlands is more responsive.

Sebastiaan befriends “Kimna,” the priest in the Kerk van Satan in Amsterdam. They begin collaboration on a book entitled “V” which will include some of the works of Michelle Belanger (The Vampire Codex.) The collaboration of Sebastiaan and Kinma results in the birth of the Ordo Strigoi Vii (OSV,) the esoteric wing of the Sabretooth Clan.

Endless Night in New Orleans moves to the room upstairs at 735 Bourbon St. Although small, it is still a fireball of energy.

The producers of the TV show Mad, Mad House contact Sebastiaan in an effort to get assistance on booking people for a reality TV series. Sebastiaan consults and aids in casting Don Henrie, the Vampyre on the show.

Underworld is released with Kate Beckinsale. Sony Pictures and Screen Gems are sued by White Wolf due to similarities to Vampire: The Masquerade & Werewolf: Apocalypse. The case is settled out of court.

2004 - SY. 10 - Year of Reborn Legacy

With Sabretooth going strong in Amsterdam, Sebastiaan travels around Europe fanging dozens of people. From Switzerland to France to London to Germany he is networking the Sabretooth Clan like never before. The OSV temple with Kerk van Satan in Amsterdam and the Illuminates of Thanateros, a chaos magick order.

Instead of hosting the Anti-Valentines Ball in NYC, Sebastiaan produces an Endless Night in Amsterdam, where he meets French journalist Laurant Courau working on a film documentary project called Vampyres: Reality Is Stranger than Fiction.

On Halloween, Endless Night takes place in the entire club 735 Bourbon with over 800 guests over 4 days. Highly successful he also releases a hardcover edition of V with Aangel Press of Amsterdam with Kinma as the publisher.

On March 4th the TV show Mad, Mad House with the Vampire Don Henrie is released, bringing national attention to the VC.

2005 - S.Y. 11 - Year of Broken Hearts

After three years in Europe, Sebastiaan returns to NYC where he and Victor Magnus host the annual Endless Night: Anti-Valentines Vampire Ball at Rare. Outside he meets Jeniviva, who would become a major influence on the Sabretooth Clan and Endless Night events.

While in Florida visiting friends, Sebastiaan learns D’Drennan, the artist who designed the Vampyre Legacy Ankh had committed suicide on Valentine’s Day. Immediately Sebastiaan returns to NYC. D’Drennan’s funeral was a traumatic event for the Sabretooth Clan and the Legacy. The entire VC of NYC gathers at True on 23rd St. to celebrate his life, with speakers and performers.

Back living in NYC and taking over the Fangshop at the Halloween Adventure, Sebastiaan settles in and begins working more with Victor Magnus at Club Avalon, in the old club Limelight space running a party called Church.

On August 29th Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, displacing many and ending Halloween hopes for that year. The Endless Night is relocated to NYC and takes place at a club on the Bowery called Crash Mansion.

The Vampyre Almanac becomes and is the largest active Vampyre community online.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer is published.

2006 - S.Y. 12 - Year of Reflections

Black Abby opens at Uncle Ming’s with Victor Magnus in NYC.

Endless Night takes place in NYC.

2007 - SY. 13 - Year of the Returning

Anti-Valentines Ball in NYC at Element (The Bank) in February.

June - Sebastiaan moves to Paris with Sascar Mina.

October - Endless Night returns to New Orleans at Conti Muse Wax Museum with Voltaire performing.

Chad Savage, Bloody Mary and Sebastiaan give vision to Fred Samedi, the mascot of the Endless Night events.

Moonlight TV series premiers.

2008 - S.Y. 14 - Year of the Undead

Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball returns to the House of Blues ‘Day of the Dead.”

True Blood premieres on HBO.

Bathory a film about Elizabeth Bathory is released.

2009 - S.Y. 15 - Return to Versailles

Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball returns to the House of Blues ‘A Night at Versailles.’

The Sanguinomicon is released on in four editions.

The Strain, a book by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan,
is published.

2010 - S.Y. 16 - Year of Masques

Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball returns to the House of Blues “Lucifer’s Masquerade.”

Sanguinomicon: Lexicon of the Vampyreis published by Weiser Books.

2011 - S.Y. 17 - Year of Entropy

Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball returns to the House of Blues “Steampunk Soiree.”

November 19th, Endless Night belly dancer and Sabretooth member Jeniviva dies in a car accident.

2012 - S.Y. 18 - Year of Changing Veils

Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball returns to the House of Blues “Cthulhu Apocalypse.”

Vampyre Magick : Grimoire of the Vampyre is published by Weiser Books.

2013 - S.Y. 19 - Year of Omens

Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball returns to the House of Blues “Zompire.”

2014 - S.Y. 20 - Year of Victoriental Dreams

Feb. - Denver Vampire Ball with Isibella Karnstein is attended by Father Sebastiaan.

Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball returns to the House of Blues

Anne Rice’s book Prince Lestat is published and Anne Rice returns to New Orleans.

2015 - S.Y. 21 - Year of Penny Dreadfuls

On Halloween night proper the Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball returns to the House of Blues “Penny Dreadfuls.”

Vice Magazine’s “The Real True Blood” released on February 9th.

Feb. 15th the Endless Night: New York Vampire Ball Anti-Valentines takes place at Jekyll & Hyde Club on Times Square

Feb. 28th the first Endless Night: Tampa Vampire Ball at the Castle Ybor
City in Florida.

2016 - S.Y. 22 - Year of the Cirque

Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball “Cirque du Vampyre” at The House of Blues at 225 Decatur St. in New Orleans.

2017 - S.Y. 23 -

Endless Night:

2018 - S.Y. 24 -

Endless Night:

2019 - S.Y. 25 -

Endless Night:

2020 - S.Y. 25 -

Endless Night:

2021 - S.Y. 26 -

Endless Night:

2022 - S.Y. 27 -

Endless Night:

2023 - S.Y. 28 -

Jan - Father Vincent, passes away
Jan 24 - First Founders Day

Endless Night:

2024 - S.Y. 29 -

Endless Night:
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