1. Synod

    Sanguinarium Vampyre Chronology - A timeline historical outline of Vampirism

    Here is a brief chronology of the Vampyre / vampire history. S.Y. stands for Sanguine Year. This can be found in print in the Black Veils: Master Vampyre Edition 888 available from 730ce The Baital Pachisi, the collection of 25 fables surrounding Vikram the Vampire, is written...
  2. Synod

    Scrolls of Elorath 1 - Intro to Living Vampyrism (read first)

    Living Vampyres are sovereign individuals who are self-initiated and energetically sensitive beings that in practice are part alchemist, part sorcerer, part witch, and part magician. Vampyres, when spelled with a y, are usually more complex than the standard definitions of lifestyle vampires...