Public Titles in the Sabretooth Clan


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Sabretooth Clan titles used in public (Outer Courts) such as Magister, Frater / Soror, etc. are automatically invalidated and are being misused. We do not publicly use titles anymore in Facebook, Instagram, etc. Titles describe jobs and duties and when that duty is over they shall not be used and are only forms of address in private Inner Court areas.

The only exception is "Father" Sebastiaan which is a brand and not a title.

This has ceased because of countless ego issues, titles being misused and it does not give the positive, responsible and empowering image the Sabretooth Clan wants to portray. All titles are used internally within our Inner Court and they are discretely displayed. Thank you for supporting the love and loyalty of the Family. We should have with a little creativity and good research original, unique and awesome sounding vampire names.
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