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The very foundation of Sabretooth Clan culture and what unities the Family is my business Fangs by Father Sebastiaan. Yes, you might think “Wow, an entire world wide culture built upon plastic teeth?” Well that may sound humorous, but in reality fangs have allowed me to build the Sabretooth Clan with my own hands on an international level.

These fangs I have discovered represent four major things in people’s lives.

First: Fangs are a connection to your primal nature

This relates to the Primal Veil. Instincts and the fangs are a powerful symbol of this. When You look into the mirror and you may feel primal, a connection to the reptilian brain. Most animals have no long term memory, living in the moment and listening to their instincts. The Vampyre strives to do the same as much as possible. This is called Dragon’s Present Time. Therefore, in a sense they have a perception similar to an experience of immortality.

Second: Fangs are a magic trick.

The fangs look and feel so real that it becomes a suspension of belief, exactly like a magician performing a trick. Look towards the the magic culture of illusionists. Suspension of belief, even for a second, has an amazing effect when you take a quick glance or another sees your fangs and does a double take. Excellent psychodramatic effect and the possibilities are endless. So many people want vampires to be real and fangs play into the fantasy. that Fangs often mystify and therefore are a powerful tool of Lesser Magic and the foundation of Vampyre Glamour.

Third: Fangs are a Mask

Masks remove inhibitions (see the Masque Veil in Vampyre Veils). In Venice Italy during Carnival, masks were used to disguise one’s identity and equalize everyone in culture. Fangs are more of an “internal mask”. People often describe feeling different, feeling their inhibitions disappearing. The powerful symbolism fangs represent to the vampire mythos along with the reaction of others, plays further into human popular consciousness

Fourth : Fangs are a great Sex Toy

Everyone thinks of vampires as seducers and having hypnotic powers. Wearing fangs plays into the modern vampire mythology of a powerful, rich and romantic individual. This fantasy can be used in social dynamics, NLP and other tools of what we in the Sabretooth Clan call “Vampyre Glamour.” Many people are curious what it is like to unleash their primal spirit and growl and hunt. For nibbling and the psychodrama of fangs allows the Vampyre to engage in a sexual life unlike other fetishes. People are curious about what it is like to kiss with fangs, see the points in the shadows when making love or adding them to a simple costume to truly bring forth a unique arousal.

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Fang Care Guidelines

Follow the following fang care guidelines and your fangs should be enjoyable and last a long time.

1. DO NOT eat with your fangs on.
2. DO NOT sleep with your fangs on.
3. Sex is GREAT with your fangs on.
4. You CAN smoke with your fangs on.
5. You CAN drink alcohol with your fangs on.
6. STORE your fangs in a contact lens container or pill box, separating your right and left fangs.
7. DO NOT put water or any liquid solution in your container. Black spots (bacteria may grow on them).
8. CLEAN your fangs by brushing them with non-whitening tooth paste.
9. You get one free repair within a year of purchase. KEEP the damaged tooth.
10.REMOVE the fangs by wiggling them off slowly and put them immediately in your container.
11.DO NOT break the skin with the fangs, human saliva is full of bacteria and can infect cuts.
12.DO NOT try to clean or whiten your teeth or clean them with Hydrogen Peroxide or tooth whitener. They will discolor your fangs.
13.DO NOT wear your fangs more than 12 hours at a time. They can potentially cause tooth shifting.
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