Scrolls of Elorath 6 - Vampyre Feeding


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The very act of gathering the energies according to the Living Vampyrism is ethically feeding off the already refined and radiated lifeforce from the human Subtle Body. The goal of this act is mutually beneficial feeding between themselves and their consenting donors.

This energy is also known as Qi in Chinese medicine, Ki in Japanese martial arts, and prana in Hindu mysticism. Lifeforce is equivalent to “the blood” and the frequencies of energy generated by the etheric and astral layers of the body. The core purpose of feeding is to fill a need or hunger for extra Lifeforce that is not generated by the individual Vampyre. This gathered lifeforce is used to replenish and fulfill the Vampyre’s higher Need of energy. Then when the baseline energy needs are met, the extra lifeforce can be used to reinforce the Vampyre’s Subtle Body, healing, energy manipulation, aid in fuel astral projection, enhance Zhep’r (Vampyre transformation), and as an offering in Communion rites with disincarnated.

An important note: the basic feeding techniques presented here are not dependent on the drinking of physical blood, which is known as ‘sanguine’ feeding. This is a very dangerous and risky act, compared to more pure energy techniques. Moreover, Living Vampyres should not feed deeply without consent.

From the ethical Vampyric perspective, feeding merely harvests excess energy, which is projected outwards by the Subtle Body of humans just as heat is radiated outward by the physical body. These teachings can be used by those who have the potential to become Living Vampyres in order to train and master energy sensitivity and manipulation, thus starting or furthering their awakening (Zhep’r) and feeding the innate thirst for life that Awakened and unawakened Vampyres possess.

There are various types of feeding:

- gathering radiated external energy from a large group like at a sporting event, concert, convention, or political rally. This is easiest because it does not require consent.
Residual - a form of ambient feeding from leftover energy at a gathering.

- feeding from the outer layers of the Subtle Body, above the skin and the aura. This does not require consent.
Touch - surface feeding usually by physical contact such as a handshake, massage, or touch.
Sight - surface feeding directly by making eye contact or looking at a donor.
Sexual - gaining lifeforce from sexual contact and arousal.
Contagion - feeding from articles connected to the donor such as hair, fingernails, clothing worn often. Works similarly to a voodoo doll.

- the purest form of energy, which is the core energy from within the body such as that contained in the blood or gathered directly from the chakras.
Sanguine - drinking blood, highly dangerous and only a deep feed.
Religious - a specific “flavor” of energy from a faith- based gathering.
Wyrd - feeding through the “web of the wyrd.” The strings of psychic energy connecting all interactions of humanity.
Time - feeding through time on multiple donors.
Mind - distance feeding by thinking of a donor, a group of people, or a place.
Astral - feeding through astral projection.

Since every living being exchanges energy with others, and thus anyone can potentially practice very basic unconscious energy feeding such as ambient. What makes the Vampyres the purposeful and trained intent of their actions and need for energy to balance their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Adept Vampyres can use the excess energy they harvest to be used to enhance psychic perception, shape energies, or fuel magick and sorcery.